James Hutton Limited manages the breeding programme of the Raspberry Breeding Consortium (RBC); a partnership of growers, marketing groups, propagators, AHDB and Scottish Government.  

The RBC was born out of the need to ensure the UK raspberry industry evolves in line with consumer tastes and trends as well as modern growing and production systems.  Its purpose is to create new, targeted and improved raspberry varieties, a process accelerated via the innovative science of the James Hutton Institute.   Recent successes include Glen Carron, Glen Dee, Glen Ericht and Glen Fyne.  Promising primocane selections are currently in trial by RBC members with potential release in 2020. 

For information regarding licensing and trialling of any soft fruit variety, please contact Lesley Beaton, Commercialisation and Licensing Manager.

Advanced selections

We are very excited about these new raspberry selections. Throughout 2019, we will be focusing on trialing and bulking up stocks with a view to potentially releasing these selections in 2020.

Primocane RBC16P4
Primocane RBC16P4
rainbow colours

Autumn fruit. Began picking in early September in 2016 breeding trials, two weeks after Polka, one week before Imara.

advanced selection Primocane RBC16P5
Primocane RBC16P5
rainbow colours

Very early autumn fruit. Began picking late July in 2016 breeding trials, three weeks before Polka.

Floricane RBC16F6
Floricane RBC16F6
rainbow colours

Phytophthora resistant - no symptoms despite repeated flooding in an infested plot for six years.

Raspberry Varieties

Requirements and results may differ according to location and production systems.  Growing recommendations and results are based on trials at James Hutton Institute, Dundee.

The backbone of the UK raspberry industry.  A versatile cultivar that consistently produces a high yield.
A specialist early variety producing a high proportion of Class 1 fruit with a sweet flavour and stunning appearance. Highly suited for long-cane production.
Sweet raspberry flavour, acid bite and creamy texture. Consistently large and more conical than Glen Ample and an excellent shelf life.
Bright red berry with excellent flavour. Machine harvests well, producing a high yield of good quality fruit for the processing market. Freezing quality is also excellent.
A mid-season variety which is ideal for processing and harvesting by machine. High tolerance to Phytophtora root rot.
Bright red, attractive and slightly conical berries which are firm and cohesive with a similar shelf life to Glen Ample. Suitable for both the fresh and processing market.
Glen Rocio is a large, red and glossy fruit, suited to warmer climates.