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hemp seed anlaysisOur expertise in all aspects of crop science – including breeding, diagnostics, soils, pathogens, genetics and phytochemistry, lends itself to the burgeoning European cannabis and hemp agricultural sector.

Our knowledge and command of contaminant and compound analyses, including oils, makes us the perfect choice for the analysis of cannabidiol, cannabinoids and CBD products.






Our analytical services can support:

  • Cannabinoid and terpenoid profiling and analysis (LC-MS and GC-MS)
  • Heavy metal contamination (ICP-MS)
  • Pesticide residues (LC-MS-MS)
  • Fatty-acid profiles (GC)
  • Fractionation of cannabis raw material, wastes and processed products into oil-, cannabinoid-, sugar- and amino acid-rich fractions using solvent or supercritical CO2 extraction
  • ICH stability testing (25°/60% relative humidity) and accelerated ageing tests (40°/70% relative humidity)

Who needs these services?

  • Companies that require independent quality control from a respected laboratory. We have experience of working to Good Manufacturing Practice and can form an essential part of your quality management system
  • Companies purchasing natural products for further processing. We can provide reassurance that products are of appropriate quality and free of any contamination 
  • Growers of hemp and cannabis, who need to be able to monitor cannabinoid levels in their crops during the growing season
  • Companies seeking shelf-life data for new products development
  • Companies interested in characterising waste plant material with a view to identifying high value bioactives
  • Academics and clinicians investigating the pharmaceutical activity of natural products who need to ensure that their starting material is consistent and free of contaminants. We have experience of working to Good Clinical Practice standards for both European and US customers
  • Regulatory authorities who need analytical data to monitor and police licence holders


cbd oil analysis laboratoryOur independent analyses will provide details of ingredients, composition stability data, nutritional information, and toxicological issues and allergens to provide clarity and peace of mind for manufacturers, suppliers and sellers of cannabinoids. This scientific data is required to demonstrate suitability for novel food applications and authorisation.

Waste Products

As part of a world-leading Institute, focused on applying scientific expertise to improve understanding of key global issues - including food, energy and environmental security - we are well placed to collaborate in adding value from waste products.

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About our services

Analysis is delivered from world-leading laboratories at the James Hutton Institute, Scotland.  The James Hutton Institute analytical laboratories operate to the standards required by ISO 9001:2015 and UKAS; many of our routine techniques are accredited.  Our ability to perform a huge variety of techniques means that in general a one-off analysis may not be accredited but our total commitment to high standards ensures it will be carried out to the exacting specifications that accreditation requires.  A full accreditation schedule can be found at here, at

Part of James Hutton Limited, Mylnefield Lipid Analysis is one of the few laboratories in the world that has been approved by both the UK MHRA and the US FDA for GMP analysis of oils and fats and has undergone a successful GCP inspection by the MHRA. Mylnefield Lipid Analysis also works to the standards of the GLP accreditation scheme.

Other Services