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James Hutton Limited and our Colleagues in Mylnefield Lipids Analysis have expertise in the full spectrum of analysis and advanced plant growth for the entire cannabis supply chain. From soil health to plant breeding, phytochemistry to raw materials analysis, extended and advanced stability testing, CBD, THC, terpene, and lipids analysis for raw ingredients and finished products, our teams have you covered. 

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Mylnefield Lipid Analysis is one of the few laboratories in the world that has been approved by both the UK MHRA and the US FDA for GMP analysis of oils & fats and has undergone a successful GCP inspection by the MHRA. Although not officially accredited, the lab also works to the standards of the GLP accreditation scheme.

The Mylnefield Lipid Analysis team
The Mylnefield Lipid Analysis team were recently awarded 3rd out of 36 worldwide labs in the 2022-2023 GOED Omega-3 Nutraceutical Oils Proficiency Test

Our analytical services can provide:

  • Full quantitative profiles of multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and related metabolites
  • Extended and accelerated stability storage and testing to ICH requirements, demonstrating the level of cannabinoids within products is maintained over the products shelf life (as claimed on labels and within legal limits and determination of oxidation parameters for the carrier oil. We can also determine extended utility for the product for batches coming to the end of their expected shelf-life
  • We are currently validating new methods for contaminant detection including heavy metals, aflatoxins, residual solvents, and pesticides
  • Confirmation of carrier oil types through fatty acid profiling
  • Assessment of water loss on drying

Mylnefield Lipid Analysis provide a full range of services relating to cannabinoid testing

Who can we help?

Working to recognised standards we can provide independent testing as an integral part of your company’s quality control or verify your internal testing either on an ad hoc or routine basis.

Our analyses can provide details of ingredients, composition, stability data and toxicological issues and allergens to provide clarity and peace of mind for manufacturers and retailers.

Our experts can partner over the long term with your brand to help problem solve across your end-to-end supply chain as and when issues occur. Giving you access to world class scientists, who are familiar with your processes and supply chain and who can be on call to assist with issues as they crop up.

Lynn Mutch is the business development manager for Natural Products, please give her a call 07876146502 / 01224395114 or send her an email if you would like to discuss collaboration or potential projects.

Lynn Mutch Business Development Manager Natural Products Chemistry
Business Development Manager – Natural Products
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