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Meet the Team

Lesley is commercialisation and licensing manager at James Hutton Limited and has worked for JHL (formerly Mylnefield research services limited) for 23 years. Lesley is responsible for the institutes plant variety rights. Find out what Lesley had to say!

Environmentally friendly PPE in Scots researchers’ sights

A contract research project led by James Hutton Limited, will bring together Hutton researchers and industry partners CelluComp Ltd and Halley Stevensons aims to develop multiuse, washable, environmentally friendly PPE materials, with funding from Innovate UK.

Meet our latest MDS trainee

James Hutton Limited is delighted to welcome Jake Mac Mahon to the role of Marketing Assistant.

A Unique PhD Opportunity

Find out more about our unique PhD opportunity available at the James Hutton Institute.

Blackberry Tasting Video

We enlisted our volunteers to see what they had to say about our blackberry varieties. Have a look at their reactions here.

Raspberry Summer Tasting Videos

With no soft fruit tasting events to attend this summer, we roped in a few of the teams' family and friends to sample some of our raspberries and let us make film of their reactions. 

Glen Mor; The New Raspberry that Gives More

Among the three new raspberry varieties James Hutton Limited has released to soft fruit growers in 2020, Glen Mor is the floricane raspberry variety the industry has been waiting for, with genetic marker Rub118b conferring resistance to raspberry root rot, Phytophthora Rubi.

Creating Better Barley for Ethiopia

Barley is grown by 4 million Ethiopian farmers and is used for food, feed and as a cash crop. At the James Hutton Institute, researcher, Girma Fana, is examining the genetic diversity of Ethiopian barleys to improve food security in his home country.