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Providing high quality analytical data from accredited laboratories.

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COVID-19 update

HuttonSoils is now accepting orders for soil analytical services. Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19 test kits are only being dispatched once per week on Thursdays. Thus, there might be a delay in receiving your kits. HuttonSoils is regularly reviewing the service.

HuttonSoils wishes to thank its customers for their continued patience as we all adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

HuttonSoils analysis and services provide high quality analytical data using the accredited laboratories at the James Hutton Institute. Services are suitable for anyone requiring the necessary information to manage their soil more effectively.

Services include soil testing (including that required for garden design), survey, soil related maps and testing for equine purposes.

Soil kits provide all you need to take a sample and return it to the James Hutton Institute laboratories for testing, including easy to follow instructions. You will receive a comprehensive report – including liming and fertiliser recommendations if required – within 15 days.

Three variations of report are available at three different prices:


pH and Nutrient status (Mg, K and P)

pH, Nutrient status (Mg, K and P) and Organic matter

Agricultural Testing

Agricultural reports are for farmers or landowners producing agricultural crops with an aim to maximise yield.

Fertility recommendations are based on accepted recommendations, for example, Fertiliser Recommendations for Agricultural and Horticultural Crops RB209.


Gardening reports are for gardeners, allotment holders or clients with an interest in determining the fertility of their soil.

They do not give fertiliser recommendations (due to the broad range of planting regimes and subsequent soil regimes required) but visually graph the data so that it is easily understood.

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Diagnostic testing for Free-Living Nemataodes.

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