Glen Carron

Formerly known as advanced selection 0485K-1, Glen Carron is the latest variety to be released from the James Hutton Limited raspberry breeding programme. Released in 2018. A very popular raspberry in tastings. 

  • Mean Berry Size:     5.3g 
  • Mean Brixo Level:    11.8o 
  • Consistent bright red colour
  • Very sweet fruit with low acid and pear notes
  • Long conic shape 
  • Even drupes with a high gloss
  • Detaches very easily from plug and quickly fills a punnet
  • Outstanding shelf-life

Requirements and results may differ according to location and production systems. Growing recommendations based on trials at James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Scotland.


Data from the James Hutton Institute demonstration plot, 10L pots, planted 2019, covered 24th June 2020.

Glen Carron Pick Table

Glen Carron Yield Data 2020


Glen Carron Yield v Date

Glen Carron Arbitrary Score


High root and cane vigour produces a high number of canes which display fruit well on strong laterals. Spine free canes are pubescent and turn pale brown in maturity.


Gene H, gives resistance to cane botrytis and spur blight. Gene A10 confers resistance to most biotypes of raspberry aphid Amphorophora idaei.


Season:         Early/Mid
Cropping Period:    Early July - Early August
Picking Duration:     4 weeks 
Chill Requirement:     Min. 1200 hours


Suitable for open field, soil grown or substrate.

Aim for 10,000 plants per Ha.  60cm short cane, 40cm long cane.

Trial results*


Mean Yield (g)

Mean Fruit Size

Mean Brixo

First Pick Date

Glen Carron 1441 5.4 10.4 27 July
Glen Ample 2301.1 5.4 9.5 20 July
Tulameen 1278.5 4.8 10.7 23 July
Octavia 1911.4 5.6 8.6 29 July






* Data taken from breeding plots in 2015


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What do our tasters think of Glen Carron?

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A tour of the Glen Carron demonstration plot, summer 2020.