Glen Fyne

  • Floricane
  • Suitable for machine harvesting 
  • Sweet & aromatic flavour, consistent throughout the season
  • Bright red, attractive and slightly conical berries
  • Firm and cohesive with a similar shelf life to Glen Ample
  • Suitable for both the fresh and processing market


Glen Fyne has a sweet and aromatic raspberry flavour which is consistent throughout the season.


Fruit is bright red and attractive, slightly conical in shape and berries are firm and cohesive with a shelf life similar to Glen Ample.


Mid season, 2-3 days earlier than Glen Ample when grown outside at Dundee. 

Plant Characteristics

Canes are spine free and easy to manage with moderate vigour. Fruit is well presented on strong laterals and plugs easily from the receptacle. Glen Fyne is suitable for harvest by machine.

Pest and Disease Tolerance

Glen Fyne carries the A10 gene, conferring resistance to four biotypes of the large raspberry aphid (Amphorophora ideai). 


Genson BV

Graminor AS

FruiTech Ltd

United Kingdom
R W Walpole & Partners