Variety Archive

Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Blackberry Varieties 

Fruit harvests 4-6 days after Ben Dorain. Berries are large and juice quality is good overall, with high levels of vitamin C.
Ben Connan is a small bush hybrid with compact habit. It's fruit has very large berries borne on medium length strings
Fruit which ripens 2 days before Ben Lomond, fruit quality is very large berries on short stigs
Similar to Ben Lomond and suitable for all processing requirements. Post-harvest deterioration of fruit is less than that of Ben Alder in some areas
Early season blackcurrant, very large berries and the fruit is ideal for fresh consumption rather than juice processing.
Bright red berry with excellent flavour. Machine harvests well, producing a high yield of good quality fruit for the processing market. Freezing quality is also excellent.
Glen Lyon is an early to mid season variety who's fruit is bright, uniform orange to red in colour. Moderate size with a slightly conical shape. Berries are firm with an acidic raspberry flavour, good shelf-life and brightness.
Glen Magna is a late season variety, its fruit are large, fleshy and conical, mid-dark red in colour. Flavour is sweet and aromatic.
Glen Rosa is a mid season cropping variety, the fruit quality is bright red with tough fruit with excellent shelf life
Glen Shee is a mid-season cultivar with a 50% pick rate. Fruit is large and pale red, moderately firm and the flavour is moderate to acid. Fruit is suitable for canned and frozen products.
A berry which extends over a long period, fruit is Large, glossy black and blunt-conical in shape. Firm and pleasantly sharp flavour. Excellent storage capability.
Late to mid season variety. Long conical fruits that are large to medium in size with an attractive glossy-red colour and solid red flesh.