Glen Rosa

Glen Rosa is a mid season cropping variety, Hutton ltd - Crop science

the fruit quality is bright red with tough fruit with excellent shelf life.


Derived from a complex cross involving Glen Prosen and Meeker


Mid-season cropping variety and is 7 - 8 days later than Glen Clova in Scotland with a slightly longer harvesting period. In more southerly locations, the 50% picking date is some 10 days after Glen Clova

Plant Habit

Spine-free and very uptight canes with good vigour and red colouration and hairs. Excellent fruit presentation. Produced good samples in mechanical machine harvesting trials at SCRI.

Fruit Quality

Bright red tough fruit with excellent shelf life.

Pest and Disease Tolerance

Carries gene H that provides resistance to spur blight and cane botrytis. Carries gene A10, conferring resistance to most strains of aphid virus vector Amphorophora idaei. Resistant to Raspberry bushy dwarf virus. Susceptible to cane spot and raspberry root rot.

Fruit Size

3 - 5 g