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JHL analytical team at our Aberdeen site passes latest round of Aquacheck proficiency test with flying colours!

We are pleased to announce that the James Hutton Limited analytical team at our Aberdeen site has passed the latest Round of Aquacheck proficiency test with flying colours (Round 650). This is an international independent validation of our ability to test natural waters, demonstrating that we are producing accurate and meaningful results.

Hutton sustainability recognised in first King’s Award for Enterprise

The James Hutton Institute has today (April 21) become one of the first recipients of the new King’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

The award recognises the institute’s world-leading research on sustainability across land, food and natural resources and how it’s addressing its own sustainability as major scientific research establishment.

The Hutton, which employs more than 500 scientists across sites in Dundee, Aberdeen and its three research farms, plays a pivotal role in delivering interdisciplinary science across agriculture, food security, ecosystems and resilient communities.