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James Hutton Limited is one of Europe's largest crop research facilities. They are home to some of the best and most scientifically accurate crop trialling services anywhere in the UK. 

With a talented team of independent advisors, trialling managers and leaning on the experience of world-class scientists from The James Hutton Institute, James Hutton Limited has the capability to offer the UK's highest standard of preliminary R&D trials all the way through to fully accredited crop and product registration trials.

Whatever the test or the product, James Hutton Limited offers independent results from a globally recognised crop research institute.


ORETO trialsAt JHL, we know that our partners often require that little extra knowledge and innovation to overcome commercial barriers to ensure competitive advantage is secured. 

Thankfully, we have expert staff from the academic field who are fully able to assist with the process of accessing UKRI innovation funding if required - meaning your start-up venture can become a reality. 

Not only is the James Hutton Institute a world leader in crop science, scientists and researchers also have extensive experience in collaborating with commercial organisations - both the Institute and James Hutton Limited have dedicated project management teams.  Trials can be carried out to commercial practice protocol and can take place in simulated commercial conditions, while ensuring that EPPO guidelines are adhered to.

James Hutton Institute expertise lies specifically with barley, potato and soft fruit crops, and there is an opportunity to utilise existing crops as well as establishing target crops for research.


ORETO trialsWith 700 acres of 'true to life' research land to manage, any outdoor trial comes complete with expert attention to the accuracy of data collection as well as preparation, sowing, drilling, harvest and clearance of residues. 

If glasshouse trials are preferred, our site in Invergowrie, Dundee has nearly 140 individual glasshouse compartments, ranging from ambient glasshouses to sophisticated heated, lit containment glasshouses with computer-controlled set points. 

We also have: 
 - 42 plant growth cabinets
- 15 plant growth rooms
- 19 cold stores
- 29 polytunnels 
- 1200m2 standing-out ground area

Our modern and fully-equipped laboratory space mean that we have the ability to offer a comprehensive trial that offers independent results.  




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