James Hutton Limited becomes the second UK organisation to offer Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) reports

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) reports

James Hutton Limited has become the second UK based organisation to offer Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) reports. ETV is an International Standard (BS EN ISO 14034) developed with the objective of providing credible, reliable and independent verification of environmental technologies which have an impact or added value for the environment.

Addressing such issues and challenges is increasingly important for achieving sustainable development. For technology producers, ETV provides credibility and assurance on their products, while for purchasers, it guarantees selection of the best fitted eco-technology and helps determine the performance of the eco-technology in accordance with policies and regulations.

Gaining an international standard will enable increased trade in an international market, reduce the duplication of testing data, enhance the usage of innovations to respond to climate change and global environmental challenges. While ensuring continued collaboration on the development of future international technologies.

Gareth Newman, Service Delivery Manager, James Hutton Limited, said: “Climate change and environmental issues are a global problem, now more than ever. Standards, regulations, guidelines and tools such as this are part of potential solutions. ISO 14034 works in parallel with other 14000 series standards and will ensure environmental issues are handled proactively by stakeholders and is a technical standard with a conformity assessment.

“The standard is achieved through a dialogue between the applicant, verifier and interested parties, it is transparent and credible, being based on reliable test results and robust procedures which are themselves accredited to ISO 17025, the standard for laboratory testing.”

Proving the performance of new technologies can be challenging for small and medium sized enterprises and ETV can provide a solution to this, mitigating the mistrust often associated with new environmental technologies and saving money and time for regulators, clients, investors and technology developers who will often command extra tests, demonstrations and certifications.

James Hutton Limited are the only partner within the Water Test Network, a partnership of ten European technology and testing centres, to provide this service. The Water Test Network designated to support SMEs in developing new technologies for the water sector.

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