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New Service - Molecular Diagnostic for FLN

New Service - Molecular Diagnostic for FLN

8 August 2016

A molecular diagnostic capable of distinguishing between the three main groups of FLN of interest has been developed at the James Hutton Institute and is now widely available to the potato industry.  

Soil has traditionally been analysed for FLN communities by microscopic methods however going forward, James Hutton Limited is also able to offer the new molecular approach diagnostic, giving customers the choice of how their samples are analysed.  Customers can initially request both tests to ensure consistency and to highlight the reliability and the additional information which will be available from the new molecular approach.  The new method will also cost less than the conventional microscopic process as it can be provided more quickly with less manual analysis.

While the service is ideally placed to meet the needs of UK customers, it will also have international appeal as James Hutton has a Global Soil Import License to enable the analysis of soil from overseas.

For fuller information about the project that produced this diagnostic, please click here.

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