* Glen Mor

Glen Mor RaspberryGlen Mor is an early floricane variety from a floricane x primocane family.  Productive over a long picking season, Glen Mor has had good feedback on yield and size and superb retailer feedback for flavour. 

Glen Mor is Phytophthora resistant. 

Formerly Floricane Raspberry RBC16F6.




2020 Trial Results

Data from the James Hutton Institute demonstration plot, 10L pots, planted 2019, covered 24th June 2020.

Glen Mor Pick Table

Glen Mor Yield Data 2020

Glen Mor Yield v Date

Disease and Pest Resistance

Glen Mor is Phytophthora resistant - no symptoms despite repeated flooding in an infested plot for six years.

Field Characteristics

Early with tip fruit in autumn.

Low chill compared with other floricanes 

Productive over a long picking season. Superb yield. 

Fruit Characteristics


  • Higher Brixo than Glen Ample 
  • Higher yields than Glen Ample and Glen Carron 

Maintains size throughout season



Propagators & Non Propagation Agreement

Plants are now available from:

Genson BV, the Netherlands email

R W Walpole, UK email

Agronom Plants, Poland email

Purchasers of Glen Mor should download and complete a Non Propagation Agreement for this variety:








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We love Glen Mor, but what do our tasters think? 

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A video tour of the Glen Mor demonstration plot, summer 2020.