Glen Carron *NEW*

  • Mean Berry Size:     5.3g 
  • Mean Brixo Level:    11.8o 
  • Consistent bright red colour
  • Very sweet fruit with low acid and pear notes
  • Long conic shape 
  • Even drupes with a high gloss
  • Detaches very easily from plug and quickly fills a punnet
  • Outstanding shelf-life


Season:         Mid
Cropping Period:    Mid July - Mid August
Picking Duration:     4-5 weeks 

Pest & disease resistance

Gene A10 confers resistance to most biotypes of raspberry aphid Amphorophora idaei.

Growth habit

Spine free canes turn chestnut brown in maturity.
High root and cane vigour produces a high number of canes which display fruit well on strong laterals.