Launched in January 2018, a blackberry breeding consortium, managed by James Hutton Limited, is building on extensive underpinning research into blackberry genetics at the James Hutton Institute.  The demand for blackberries in Europe is increasing as new varieties with enhanced, sweet flavours increase in popularity with consumers. The Consortium will focus on breeding new varieties with the desired traits to satisfy this demand.  Year one of the programme has produced selections with considerable promise and we look forward to sharing these after further trials have taken place. 

For information regarding licensing and trialling of any soft fruit variety, please contact Lesley Beaton, Commercialisation and Licensing Manager.

Blackberry Varieties

A high quality fruit which is well presented for picking. A sweet and aromatic flavour makes this blackberry highly suitable for fresh market.
High quality, suitable for fresh, processing and amateur markets. Excellent sweet flavour, superior to that of Loch Ness.