Ideally suited to fresh fruit marketing because of its attractive appearance, lack of malformation, excellent firmness and long shelf-life.  It is a main season cultivar that will naturally follow on from Elsanta in cropping.

Higher yielding than standard cultivars with very low percentage of unmarketable fruit.


Raised in 1997 from a cross between Rhapsody and Holiday.  Rhapsody is a late mid-season, dessert cultivar and Holiday is a small, firm fruited cultivar which is to be found in the parentage of Elsanta and Honeoye.

Cropping season

About 8-10 days later cropping than Elsanta.

Fruit Quality

Similar in many respect to Elsanta in that they have a bright glossy appearance, excellent shelf-life and are juicy with very good flavour and a low percentage of unmarketable fruit.  Calyx is green and difficult to remove.

Disease & Pest

Good field resistance to red core.