Glen Rocio

  • Floricane
  • Large, red and glossy fruit 
  • Traditional raspberry flavour and looks attractive in the punnet 
  • Suited to warmer climates 


Spine free. Cane colour is light green during dormacy and purple/red in maturity.
Moderately vigorous plant
with an erect habit.


High resistance to yellow rust, Phragmidium rubi-idaei, and powdery mildew, Sphaerotheca macularis.  Carries gene A10, conferring resistance to most biotypes of raspberry aphid, Amphorophora Idaei.


Mean Berry Size:     5.6g 
Mean Brixo Level:    10.6o
Robust, firm fruit with a bright red colour. Very consistent, round to conical shape with elongated habit.
Traditional taste and aroma. 
Detaches easily from plug .
Transports well and has an outstanding shelf-life.
Balanced sugar/acid ratio.


Season:         Mid/Late
Cropping Period:    Mid July - Mid August
Picking Duration:     4-5 weeks 
Chill Requirement:     Min. 1000 hours (<4oC)


First fruits will appear between 80-90 days after spring planting
Planting density 6-7 canes per linear meter
Optimal performance under tunnel cultivation
Shading through period of high UV if required
Production 12-15 t/Ha or 5.3kg per linear meter
The harvest period is typically 4-5 weeks

Suitable for open field or substrate

Aim for 10,000 plants per Ha.  60cm short cane, 40cm long cane.