Glen Dee

  • Floricane
  • Excellent shelf life – firm fruit, good integrity
  • Sweet raspberry flavour with acid bite and creamy texture
  • Consistently large and more conical than Glen Ample
  • Bright red berries

Fruit Characteristics

Bright red berries with a sweet raspberry flavour supported by independent sensory testing. Fruit size is consistently large and fruit shape is more conical than Glen Ample. Shelf life is very good due to firm fruit with good integrity.

Field Characteristics

Spinefree canes with good root and cane vigour. Upright growth habit with easy to manage canes. Laterals are long, strong and present the fruit well for picking.


Plants are consistently productive compared with commercial cultivars at James Hutton Institute.

Pest and Disease

Glen Dee carries the A10 gene, conferring resistance to most biotypes of the large raspberry aphid (Amphorophora idaei).


Late summer season, picks around 10-12 days later than Glen Ample when grown at James Hutton Institute.