The James Hutton Institute is probably the world's largest potato research centre and the Commonwealth Potato Collection has one of the world's most diverse and well-characterised collections of potato germplasm. James Hutton Limited is in the fortunate position to easily access the expertise and facilities of both of these and, through its own experienced team of breeders, can offer commercial potato breeding programmes for both the fresh and processing sectors for customers in the UK or overseas as well as bespoke crosses using proprietary germplasm.

James Hutton Limited also licenses new varieties and trials crop protection and crop nutrition products. In addition, our molecular diagnostics service is able to offer genotyping services as well as screening germplasm for specific molecular markers. We also offer a service to analyse soil for common species of free living nematode, especially those that vector Tobacco Rattle Virus (TRV).

Potato Varieties

These are just a few examples of varieties and true potato seed available for trials and licensing. 

The #2 round salad variety in the UK! Second early variety with short oval to round tubers, white skin and cream flesh.
Maincrop. Long, oval, yellow tubers with shallow large red eyes and yellow flesh. Medium dry matter. Short dormancy.
Second early. Short, oval tubers with shallow eyes, very bright white skin and cream flesh.
The #1 organic variety in the UK. High yielding late maincrop variety with exceptional vigour under low fertility conditions.
Maincrop variety, with yellow tubers and golden flesh. Long, oval shape and a high dry matter. Superb nutty flavour.
High yielding parti-coloured variety. Oval shape with bright white and pink eyes on the skin with white/cream flesh.
Early maincrop. Oval to long oval, white tubers with red eyes and cream flesh. Medium dry matter.