Turnip - Massif

Excellent autumn and early winter feed for sheep and cattle.

The variety was added to the National List and is protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights.

  • From three white-fleshed and four yellow-fleshed turnip cultivars 
  • Six generations of selection primarily for high dry-matter yield
  • Mass multiplication of green skinned yellow-fleshed turnips to produce open-pollinated cultivar


Green-top yellow main turnip
Higher dry-matter yields than traditional Aberdeen Green Top Scotch
Dry-matter content slightly lower than Aberdeen Green Top Scotch (9.0% v 9.5%)

Cattle and Sheep

Graze in situ by sheep from September to January 
Can be lifted to fatten cattle in winter

Comparison with swedes:

Faster growing 
Sown later (June rather than May)
Grown at higher elevations on less fertile soils 
Used early