Ben Hope

Yields of Ben Hope are consistently high and fruit is acceptable for commercial production.

This variety is protected by Plant Variety Rights in the UK, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands.

Fruit quality

Medium-large berry, usually over 1g, with good sensory qualities.

Growth Habit

Ben Hope is a vigorous and upright-growing bush, showing high rates of growth in its early stages. The branches can bend with the weight of crop but usually return to a more upright state after harvest. However, careful site selection is important, as growth on very fertile sites can become difficult to manage. The bushes are readily harvested mechanically, as soon as the fruit is ripe.

Cropping Season

Harvest is usually 10-14 days before Ben Alder, and ca. 12-14 days after Ben Gairn.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Ben Hope is significantly less susceptible to blackcurrant gall mite than most other varieties, and as a consequence, it can be grown in reduced-input growing systems. Resistance to both mildew and leaf spot is good, although in some areas rust (Cronartium ribicola) can be severe. 


Budbreak in Ben Hope occurs around 7-10 days after Ben Gairn and up to 2 weeks before Ben Alder. Winter chilling requirement has been assessed as relatively low, enabling Ben Hope to be grown in areas with minimal winter chill.


Westra (a derivative of the variety Westwick Choice) x (238/36 x EM21/15).