Ben Finlay

Ben Finlay is a gall mite-resistant blackcurrant, producing good yields of high-quality berries.

Parentage: [(SCRI P10/9/13 x Ben Alder) x EM B1834-67]


[(SCRI P10/9/13 x Ben Alder) x EM B1834-67]. 


Late flowering, ca. 6 days later than Ben Dorain. 

Budbreak and Winter Chilling

Ben Finlay breaks bud at a similar time to Ben Hope, but flowers around 3-4 days earlier. The chilling requirement has been assessed as relatively low, compared to other standard varieties.


Ben Finlay harvests ca. 1 week earlier than Ben Hope, and has produced yields of up to 9-10 t/ha in trials. Berry size is generally around 1.2g, but suitable for both processing and fresh, with a good flavour. The fruit hangs on the bushes for over 1 week when ripe.

Fruit Quality

Fruit of Ben Finlay is high in vitamin C, with mean levels in the extracted juice above 200 mg/100ml. Acidity is generally high, and the anthocyanin content is higher than in juice of Ben Hope.


Ben Finlay is resistant to blackcurrant gall mite and mildew, and shows some resistance to leafspot. The bush is fairly compact in the early years becoming more spreading with age. Yields were found in trials to increase rapidly as the bushes grow older. Ben Finlay requires good soil conditions to develop to its full potential.