Blueberry Consortium LaunchThe demand for blueberries in Europe continues to increase and there is a real opportunity to create varieties specifically suited for European conditions. 

Launched in August 2017, James Hutton Limited manages a Blueberry Breeding Consortium, offering a blueberry breeding programme which in time, will deliver new and improved blueberry varieties, suited to European growing conditions and carrying traits desirable to growers, retailers and consumers. 


Members of the Blueberry Breeding Consortium are from the Netherlands and Ukraine.  Read more HERE

No varieties have been released from this blueberry breeding programme as yet.  Blueberry (and other soft fruit) research from the James Hutton Institute, feeds into this consortium. 


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A glimpse of the James Hutton Limited Blueberry Breeding Programme at the end of the 2021 season. The breeding programme will renew in 2022. For further information on joining the consortium, please contact us.

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Produced for Fruit for the Future 2020, Dr Susan McCallum, explains the important of data in decision making when it comes to breeding and selecting new varieties of blueberry. 

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