Pharmaceutical Removal - Have You Got the Next Big Thing for Hydro Recovery?

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The Water Test Network project aims to establish a transnational network of testing facilities which can be used by SMEs in North West Europe to test, demonstrate and develop new products for the water sector. In this way, new innovations will be developed, accelerating the time to market.  

A transnational network of testing facilities offers operational demonstration sites for a range of water types in rural and urban settings which are made accessible to SMEs, anywhere in North West Europe, to assist in developing products that are market-ready and linked to key sector needs.  Read more

Pharmaceuticals in Water

Pharmaceuticals used by humans are partially excreted in urine and via the sewer end up in municipal wastewater treatment plants. To date the majority of European urban wastewater treatment plants (UWWTP’s) are not equipped with infrastructure to effectively remove these pharmaceuticals. As such, they end up in the surface water and pose a problem to the (aquatic) environment. Adequate pharmaceutical removal from wastewater is therefore becoming more urgent, especially in the view of emerging water reuse. Moreover, it is expected that with the growing aging population the overall use of pharmaceuticals will further increase. 

Challenge Description 

The Water Test Network is looking for SMEs who can help us to detect and/or remove pharmaceuticals from wastewater. You will be in a position to showcase your innovative technology in a real test environment. This can either be a municipal wastewater treatment plant or the untreated wastewater of a hospital.

The innovation must result in cost-effective and efficient pharmaceutical detection and/or removal. Applications from removal technologies, as well as innovative analytical methods, technologies or tools are very much welcomed. 

The Offer

• Fully-funded (logistical costs not included) access to a full scale municipal wastewater treatment plant or the wastewater of a hospital located in one of the partner countries (UK, FR, NL, BE, GE)

• Test support in terms of operator, electricity, analytical support, health & safety

• Unique opportunity to showcase your technology to interested stakeholders (e.g. water utilities), who will be invited to visit the test location and be presented to on the trial results

• Get the opportunity to showcase your technology at an International Water Related Fair or Exhibition


SME’s in the North West European region can apply by submitting an application form no later than 1 February 2020 at 12 pm. 

The application procedure for the innovation challenge follows the general innovation vouchers application procedure, outlined on the Water Test Network website.

More information and application documents can be found here