Introduction to the Water Test Network

James Hutton Limited welcomed water innovation SMEs, organisations and industry bodies to an event yesterday, which provided an overview of the ERDF Interreg funded, Water Test Network project.  


Water Test Network Joanna Corrigan
Joanna Corrigan highlighting support from Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service

Speakers from the James Hutton Institute, Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service and Scottish Water Horizons, joined hosts James Hutton Limited at the James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, in giving presentations and advice on how the project, which has eight North West European partners, can support new water innovations by providing funding for testing and validation and in turn, a faster route to market.

Gareth Newman, Service Delivery Manager for James Hutton Limited introduced the day’s agenda and also gave an overview of the analytical capabilities of the James Hutton Institute laboratories including details of an investment in instrumentation specifically for the Water Test Network.

Daniel Gerdes, Scottish Water Horizons Project Manager, outlined the project and the process by which SMEs can apply to the Water Test Network for innovation vouchers which can be exchanged for testing and validating innovations and technologies through the appropriate partner facility.

Joanna Corrigan, Senior Civil Engineer from Arup, gave an overview of the Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service, a Scottish, multi-agency organisation, which guides SMEs along the path to commercialisation, providing support through market insights, information, collaboration and technical support.


Water Test Network Gareth Newman
Gareth Newman showcasing James Hutton Limited analytical capabilities 

Finally, Richard Allan of the James Hutton Institute, offered an overview of new environmental technology verification standard, ISO 14034, a process designed to provide universally credible information for new environmental technologies by verifying that performance claims are complete, fair and based on reliable test results.  The 22 event attendees enjoyed a networking lunch followed by a tour of the James Hutton Institute laboratories and an opportunity for one to one discussion with the presenters.



Following the event, Gareth said, “In our capacity as a Water Test Network partner, James Hutton Limited is delighted that firstly, so many SME representatives came along to find out more about the project and what it can do for them and also, that a range of Scottish agencies such as SEPA, local authorities and Scottish Enterprise also came.  It was a very engaged crowd, there was lots of questions, discussion and new contacts made so the event was a success for all involved.  Speaking for James Hutton Limited and the James Hutton Institute, it was fantastic to be able to open our doors to other businesses and organisations and provide an overview of what our capabilities are.” 

SME applications to the Water Test Network can be submitted until 1st August 2021.

More information about James Hutton Limited’s role in the project can be found HERE and the Water Test Network website is HERE.

The Water Test Networks first innovation challenge is seeking solutions that can provide an improved percentage of dry matter in sludge. More information about the challenge can be found HERE.