New Kasp™ Assay for EPH in Barley 

The James Hutton Institute has completed a ten month InnovateUK funded project with the Scotch Whisky Research Institute (SWRI), Edinburgh, resulting in the development of a new EPH KASP™ marker assay, available to purchase from James Hutton Limited. Please contact our Business Development Manager Dan Langford for more details in the first instance.

The improved genetic marker can be used by barley breeders to unequivocally identify potential epiheterodendrin (EPH) non-producing barley varieties at the earliest stages of the breeding process. 

James Hutton Limited will also offer a laboratory testing service for EPH using the KASP™ marker, using a two-rep test. Please contact Vanessa Young for further information and to book tests. 

Prices for the two-rep test are: 

£47 per sample

DNA extraction from seed (1 sample) £19
DNA extraction from leaf material (1 sample) £11

Read more about the newly developed marker, here

Resistance to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus (BaYMV) and Barley Mild Mosaic Virus (BaMMV)

James Hutton Limited screens barley lines/varieties for resistance to BaMMV and two strains of BaYMV using a fluorescently labelled molecular marker, Bmac29.  The test is carried out alongside reference DNA samples from cultivars known to be susceptible, rym4 resistant (BaMMV and BaYMV-1) or rym 5 resistant (BaMMV, BaYMV-1 and BaYMV-2).  Resulting DNA profiles are analysed to determine their resistance status.

Costs per sample for testing from barley seed, based on testing between 1 and 50 samples. Please enquire for >50 samples. Minimum service charge of £300.

BaYMV/BaMMV resistance test         Price (exc. VAT)
Unreplicated test                                £60
Replicated test                                   £83

Additional Services                           Price (exc. VAT)
DNA extraction from seed                £19
DNA extraction from leaf material    £11

Genotyping/PCR only services are also available, price is dependent on the number of samples to be processed.

A comprehensive report will be provided on completion of analysis and results presented in an easy to read table.  Should any follow up testing be required, James Hutton Limited will retain DNA samples in cold storage for two years.