Forage Rape - Interval

The variety was added to the National List in 1996 and is protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights.



Very uniform forage rape with distinct leaf morphology (serrated)
High fresh-weight and dry-matter yields, higher than Emerald
Good resistance to powdery mildew, better than Emerald
Fast establishment and quick growth  

Sheep and Cattle

Strip graze behind electric fence for sheep and autumn finishing of lambs for market    
Very reliable variety with reasonable winter hardiness


Synthetic Brassica Napus x Emerald

Synthetic B. Napus: Tetraploid from B. Oleracea (marrow-stem kale) x B. Rapa ssp. Nipposinica, selected for powdery mildew resistance, good tillering and non-flowering
Pedigree inbreeding with selection for yield, powdery mildew resistance and non-flowering 
Mass multiplication to produce uniform cultivar