Ben Alder

Ben Alder is a late-fruiting blackcurrant with outstanding juice colour.

Well adapted to mechanical harvesting.

Ben Alder has produced yields of around 10t/ha in trials.

Protected by Plant Variety Rights in the UK, Denmark, Canada and the Netherlands.


From a cross between the SCRI-bred varieties Ben More x Ben Lomond.


Late flowering, ca 10 days after Ben Hope.

Cropping Season

The later flowering of Ben Alder means that it escapes many spring frosts during the flowering period, leading to consistency of cropping. Its flowering date is generally 8-10 days later than Ben Hope, and its harvest date is around 12 days later than Ben Hope.

Growth Habit

Growth is fairly vigorous with bushes similar in habit and size to Ben Tirran. Growth in some regions (e.g. W. Midlands) can be dense. Bushes of Ben Alder are readily machine harvested.

Fruit Quality

Berries are medium sized (usually just over 1g), and ripe fruit will only hang on the bush for a limited time (less than a week). Fruit quality is excellent with high colour stability and the variety is recommended for juice production and processing outlets.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Resistant to mildew and leafspot. Susceptible to gall mite and reversion, although cropping is only slowly affected.