Try us for your ORETO trials

Barley Greenhouse

ORETO certification grants James Hutton Limited the ability to supply the UK’s highest accredited tests and trials to support product development, marketing and registration of new agri chemical products 

If you’re in the business of developing crops or crop protection/nutrition products, now is the time to be planning – and very soon planting - trials. Whether it’s for proof of efficacy, entering new markets or perhaps, testing and comparing products on your crop varieties, James Hutton Limited can help. We are ORETO certified with an abundance of crop science and research at our fingertips, courtesy of our James Hutton Institute colleagues. 

At our site, just south of Dundee, Scotland, James Hutton Limited can accommodate field and glasshouse trials and with access to all the facilities of the James Hutton Institute including state of the art laboratories and instruments and techniques to perform post-harvest analysis which are delivered by world leaders in plant breeding, genetics and crop science.

Our ORETO certified trials can be used to secure chemical approval for products, from the Chemicals Regulation Division and they cover: 

•    Agricultural/Horticultural trials/tests 
•    Stored Crop trials/tests 
•    Biological Agents and Semiochemical trials/tests

For further information and to discuss potential trials, please contact Jamie Smith, Business Development Manager. 

Find out more about our ORETO certification HERE