James Hutton Limited Teams up with US Supplier to Increase Worldwide Portfolio

Ellington Geological Services

James Hutton Limited is delighted to announce the signing of a joint marketing agreement with Houston based Ellington Geological Services (EGS), a leading supplier of analytical services to the oil and gas sector in the Gulf of Mexico.  The combination of James Hutton Limited and EGS provides an unparalleled range of specialist analytical services for the oil and gas and related sectors. 

As the commercial subsidiary of the world-leading James Hutton Institute, James Hutton Limited has a long track record of working with the energy sector and is a leading provider of chemical and geological analysis to the major operators in oil and gas. The range of available analyses includes X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), which provides qualitative and quantitative crystalline phase analysis for all mineral phases including clay species. It is widely used for reservoir characterization and pipeline studies. Professor Steve Hillier and his team at the James Hutton Institute are top-tier experts in clay mineral analysis. Steve was awarded the Clay Minerals Society’s “Reynolds Cup” for excellence in quantitative clay mineralogy in 2008 and 2018, respectively.

Head of James Hutton Limited, Dr Jonathan Snape, said, “We have always been impressed by the quality of the services offered by Ellington Geological Services. We have worked with them in an ad hoc manner in the past, but this new agreement will enable us to combine our strengths and provide a wider portfolio of services to customers throughout the world. It will be very interesting to see the opportunities that arise from this new collaboration as this is new territory for James Hutton Limited both collaboratively and geographically.  We are very much looking forward to this partnership.”

General Manager of EGS, Mark Beach, said, “EGS is excited to partner with James Hutton Limited to create value for our clients by providing them with convenient access to Hutton’s world leading XRD services.  These and other James Hutton Limited capabilities are complementary to the high-quality biostratigraphy, sample management, and cuttings analysis workflows offered by EGS and allow operators to maximize value from their reservoir samples.”