James Hutton Limited look for 2 Business Development Managers


James Hutton Limited are on the lookout for two Business Development Managers for two marquee projects at The James Hutton institute: The International Barley Hub (IBH) and The Advanced Plant Growth Centre (APGC).

The IBH and APGC are two brand new research centres – as part of the £300m Tay Cities Deal - that are opening at the James Hutton Institute and will be the home of world-leading research in their respective fields. The new Business Development Managers both have exciting roles to build partnerships, develop income streams and support the work of these two huge developments.

Although they are both Business Development Manager roles, they do have unique differences. The International Barley Hub for example has an opportunity to promote the importance of barley, not just in Scotland particularly to support the brewing and distilling industries, but also internationally for food and feed.

And what better reason to help maintain the future supply of sustainably grown barley to ensure that we can continue to drink quality whisky?!

Meanwhile, the Advanced Plant Growth Centre has an opportunity to showcase the huge Vertical Farming industry that is growing rapidly.  This particular BDM role will provide you the opportunity to lead the way part of this revolution.

It will also enable us to conduct research to help us breed crops that are more resilient to climate change and develop technologies to reduce our carbon footprint as part of the transition to net zero.

Jonathan Snape, head of JHL said “We are very excited about the future of the James Hutton Institute and particularly the research that both the International Barley Hub and Advanced Plant Growth Centre will perform. We expect their work will benefit a whole host of sectors and ultimately our society as we look to find sustainable solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges”.

“The role of our new Business Development Managers will be to lead business development and obtain funding to support development and growth; implement a strategy for how we can assist international development and win funding and establish relationship with key stakeholders to support the work of these important projects. It’s an exciting time to join us and we can’t wait to meet our new BDM’s as part of our ongoing growth strategy.”

If you’re looking for an exciting business development role to shape and create as your own, one of these positions could be just the thing you need. Find out both these amazing opportunities by visiting the James Hutton Institute website.