Fruit Focus 2022 - 'Pac-ed' full of flavour!

Pac-Man at Fruit Focus 2022

Pac-Man was hungry for our raspberries at Fruit Focus!

When Pac-Man wasn’t running away from those pesky ghosts or getting after those power pellets, he was on the lookout for some tasty fruit.

And with decades of experience in creating mouth-watering fruit, we think we can help him out.

Pac-Man has been hungry for over 42 years, but he hasn’t been aware we’ve been taking fruit breeding to the next level.

So now we’re telling him.

Like Pac-Man - The James Hutton Institute too has a proud history. It has been successful in creating stunning and sustainable soft fruit, working in partnership with collaborators to meet the needs of evolving industries and changing consumer tastes.

Nikki speaks with visitors at Fruit Focus

Nikki Jennings, our raspberry breeder, was extremely popular at the event.

But what would make Pac-Man want to eat our fruit? Here’s 5 reasons for starters:

  1. We have on site trials from initial laboratory analysis to intensive glass house testing, to large scale field trials. He knows that we’ve cared about the fruit all the way until it’s ripe.  
  2. He can trust us because we have over 40 varieties of fruit which is a solid indicator of our breeding experience.   
  3. The blackcurrant varieties used in Ribena were made at The James Hutton Institute. And Ribena would be a tasty thirst quencher for a busy Pacman on his feet all day!
  4. We breed our varieties all over the world – he’ll always have easy access for them wherever he goes.             
  5. They taste delicious!
Fruit Focus 2022

Highlight reel from our time at Fruit Focus 2022

Fruit Focus 2022: Skye and Lewis

At a scorching Fruit Focus, the James Hutton Limited team demonstrated two of its latest raspberry varieties – Skye and Lewis – a result of a successful breeding programme. Both were well received and having no punnets left is a solid indicator of their taste. At the event, the team also demonstrated James Hutton’s expertise in other breeding programmes including blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants.

The team also showcased James Hutton Limited’s experience in molecular diagnostics, which can help in screen germplasm for molecular markers, test high health plant material for viruses and diseases.

Alongside our fruit, the Pac-Man theme was a highlight of the show, with 3 lucky winners taking home some Pacman Plushies for helping us out with some fruit tasting.

Nikki Jennings, James Hutton Limited’s raspberry breeder commented “It was brilliant to be back at Fruit Focus to showcase our fantastic fruit. The team and I are extremely passionate about our work and to bring these to fellow industry professionals always gives us a sense of pride in the work that we do. It’s our hope that the end customer get’s to enjoy the fruit as much as we do. And Pac-Man seemed popular too!”

If you’re ready to get these fruits on your shelves or power up your fruit breeding game – we’ve got you covered.

Press START by getting in touch with our team.

Jo, Nikki, Jamie and Scott at Fruit Focus

Joanna, Nikki, Jamie and Scott at the end of Fruit Focus 2022.