The James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute is a well-respected and globally recognised research organisation delivering fundamental and applied science to drive the sustainable use of land and natural resources.

The Institute combines strengths in crops, soils and land use and environmental research, and makes a major contribution to the understanding of key global issues, such as food, energy and environmental security, and developing and promoting effective technological and management solutions to these.

Scientists of the Institute follow the inspiration of James Hutton (1726 – 1797), a leading figure of the Scottish Enlightenment, who was willing to challenge accepted wisdom to create a new vision of how the world was formed and how it is continually evolving. Hutton’s observations on Scotland’s rocks, soils and landscapes forever changed the way we think about the world. His portrait by Sir Henry Raeburn hangs in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. It was purchased with the aid of the Art Fund and the National Heritage Memorial Fund in 1986.

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All current James Hutton Institute vacancies can be viewed here. This includes any vacancies within James Hutton Limited and Mylnefield Lipid Analysis.