Provenance Post Brexit – The Science of Provenance

25 Nov 2020 2pm - 25 Nov 2020 4pm

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About this Event 

Scotland is famous for its food and drink, its landscape and its agriculture. Food and drink is key to its economic growth, and food tourism is a major opportunity. We all know that telling the story is a key catalyst for buyer and consumer purchase; but today we want to explore the science behind the story of provenance…… 

This collaborative webinar, designed and facilitated by SRUC/SAC Consulting includes speakers from Scotland Food & Drink, QMS, James Hutton Institute as well as SRUC / SAC Consulting. We will then hear from the James Hutton Institute and soft fruit breeder Dorota Jarret from James Hutton Limited 

Scotland Food & Drink will provide an overview of the strategic importance of provenance for Scotland’s food and drink industry. This importance will be further emphasised in following presentations which cover Scotland’s many different sectors. 

We will hear about the work SRUC undertakes in aquaculture, seafood, poultry and oilseed rape to support and protect provenance. 

QMS will highlight the provenance associated with the Scotch Quality accreditation and how they’re working with industry and academia to protect this provenance. 

We will then hear from colleagues at the James Hutton Institute about their work in soft fruits and barley to support Scottish provenance in the soft fruit and whisky sectors. 

Finally we’ll take a look at technology, particularly Blockchain technology, and the work SAC Consulting’s Paul Mayfield has been undertaking that enables provenance to be proven and protected along the Scottish Oats supply chain. 


Agenda - 

1. Welcome & Intro 
2. The Importance of Provenance to Brand Scotland – Scotland Food & Drink - John Davidson, Strategy and          External Relations Director
3. Fish Research – SRUC – Annette Boerlage, Epidemiological Researcher (Aquaculture)
4. Poultry Research – SRUC – Vicky Sandilands, Senior Behaviour and Welfare Scientist, Poultry
5. Scotland’s Quality Meat Brands – QMS – Sarah Millar, Director of Industry Development
 - 5 min break
6. Soft Fruits – James Hutton Limited - Dorota Jarret, Soft Fruit Breeder 
7. Oilseed Rape – SRUC – Robin Walker, Research Agronomist
8. Blockchain for the Scottish Oats Supply Chain – SAC Consulting, SRUC – Paul Mayfield, Senior Consultant
9. Barley to whisky – James Hutton Institute - Robbie Waugh, Cell and Molecular Science
10. Wrap-up Session

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