The Native Woodland Model

Digital Data

The Native Woodland Model (NWM) predicts the potential for native woodland and montane scrub types in Upland Scotland

The NWM has been developed with the aim of predicting optimum patterns of woodland site capability over large areas without the need for ground survey. It assists with the planning of native woodland expansion either by planting or natural regeneration. Known site conditions are related to the requirements of different types of native wooodland types - those which would be expected to develop under current soil and vegetation conditions.

Scales: 1:50 000 scale
Attributes: NVC woodland type
Extent: upland Scotland only
Format: vector data in ARC GIS format.
Cost: £0.35 per square kilometre

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The Potential for Native Woodland in Scotland, available from The James Hutton Institute or Scottish Natural Heritage. 2004 ISBN: 1 85397 309 4 Price £22.50

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