National Soil Inventory: 5 km Grid Data

Digital DataThe National Soil Inventory (NSI) represents a point database collected on a 5km grid across Scotland. For each grid point (total = 3094), a range of site and soil characteristics is available. Points on a 10 km grid (total 770) include details of soils chemical analyses with physical and chemical details relevant to individual soil horizons rather than selected depths. Included within such analyses are trace metal elements.

National Soil Inventory: 5 km Grid Data

Primary attributes: National Grid Reference (NGR, 6 figure easting, six figure northing), soil series, soil association
Associated attributes: Environmental attributes/General site and soil attributes
Altitude, slope, aspect, rockiness, boulderiness, vegetation, flushing, site drainage, soil drainage class, degree of erosion, parent material, major soil subgroup, phase, parent rock type, climatic region, land capability classification for agriculture.
Features described for each horizon:
Horizon symbol, depth to base of horizon, colour, organic matter, texture, structure, moisture status, consistence, induration, cementation, nature of horizon boundary.
Format: Comma or tab delimited text file.
Cost: £ 720.00 per primary attribute, per horizon.
£ 180.00 per associated attribute, per horizon.

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