Land Cover of Scotland 1988 (LCS88)

Digital DataThis dataset is the first ever national census of land cover in Scotland . It was produced at The James Hutton Institute on behalf of SEERAD (then The Scottish Office) to assist in developing and monitoring the effectiveness of policies affecting the state of the countryside in Scotland . Baseline scale is 1:25 000. The classification system allows for 126 land cover types to be identified as point, line or area features. Area features are delineated where they are > 10 ha for semi-natural ground vegetation, > 5 ha for built-up land or > 2 ha for woodland. An important aspect of the classification system is that it allows for mosaics of the single land cover features to be identified. Mosaics are defined as mixtures of 2 land cover features where the patches of both are below the minimum mapping area criterion for separate identification. The recognition of mosaics expands the number of land cover classes from 126 to 1323.

The LCS88 dataset is available under an Open Data licence and is available on request by sending an email. The file that you will be sent includes a PDF of the Ordnance Survey OpenData licence, the terms of which you accept by using the LCS88 data. The download will also include digital copies of the LCS88 reports. You will require a GIS (Geographic Information System) to view this dataset.

Please note that the following attribution statement must be used to acknowledge the source of the information in any outputs you produce containing LCS88: “Copyright Scottish Government, contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right (insert year). Available under the Ordnance Survey (OS) Open Data Licence.

Note on LCS88

The Land Cover of Scotland Dataset is Crown Copyright 1992. It is reproduced from OS Pathfinder Series with the permission of the Controller of HMSO.

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