HOST: The Hydrology of Soil Types

Digital DataThis dataset is based on the 1 x 1 km National Soil map data together with data from the CEH Wallingford ( Institute of Hydrology ) on the behaviour of river catchments. There are 29 HOST classes, which describe the dominant pathways of water movement through the soil and substrate.

HOST is NOT scale specific.

Primary attributes: HOST class
Other Attributes: base flow index, standard percentage run-off
Format: 1 x 1 km raster data in ARC GIS format.
Cost: £20.00 per 100 km2 (discount for larger areas).


Alternatively, a key to HOST classes is available for current leases of 1:250 000 scale and 1 x 1 km soils datasets at +20% of the map data lease charge.

Related books

HOST: Institute of Hydrology Report No. 126 Hydrology of Soil Types: a hydrologically based classification of the soils of the UK (137 pp). Tel. CEH Wallingford 01491 838800

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