James Hutton Limited to Attend Fruit Attraction

Fruit Attraction

We are now just days away from one of the marquee fruit industry events in Europe – Fruit Attraction!

This event has been a key event on our calendar for many years and we’re looking forward to attending and meeting with clients old (and potentially new!) as we demonstrate our expertise in fruit breeding.

What is Fruit Attraction?

As a leading trade event in the fruit industry, Fruit Attraction has become the primary commercial tool for the worldwide marketing of fruit and vegetables. The scope and ability of this event to promote world exports in the sector make it the connection nexus for all professionals across the industry. This is combined with Fruit Attraction consolidating its position as the innovation stage for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Why are JHL attending?

Fruit Attraction is a hub for connection where relationships are created, consolidated and enriched through common interests in the fruit industry. We are looking forward to optimising the opportunities presented at Fruit Attraction, catching up with current partners and forging new collaborations.

Fruit Attraction is a driver for diversity, covering the fresh produce area and auxiliary industry area.

This diversity equals the diversity of what JHL have to offer.

By attending, we are looking to push our services of variety licensing. From our newly released raspberry varieties Skye, Lewis and Glen Mor as well as promoting our breeding and variety development. Currently, we have breeding programmes across blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, redcurrants, and blueberries

JHL are also looking to promote their unique, advantageous position of being able to offer a broad range of crop trials. This can be from the initial, lab scale trialling stages, glasshouse trials to large scale, fully outdoor trials. Additionally, we now have a vertical farming organisation co-located here on site enabling us to now be able to carry out controlled environment vertical farming trials. We also have a dedicated crops trial manager to support this service.  

With sustainability and the environment being integral to the future of this sector, the expertise of the scientists here at The James Hutton Institute could be harnessed in working to reduce the carbon footprint and support carbon offsetting across the fruit industry. 

With Fruit Attraction being a hub for innovation and the future of the industry, this makes it an optimal opportunity to push this aspect of the Institutes expertise.

Jamie Smith, Business Development Manager ahead of his trip commented “I’m very much looking forward to Fruit Attraction. Over the years we have made a number of meaningful connections and this year should be no different. As we continue to get back to more in-person events post-COVID, this provides of the perfect opportunity to showcase our service offering to the industry.”